Training & Quality Assurance

We select the best personnel for each assignment focusing on ability to analyze and think through situations in a professional manner as opposed to an individual that may look the part, but may not handle the situation professionally.

Residential Security

Residents are looking for a safe and secure place to live. DOA residential security team is specifically trained to help protect the residents and their property.

Construction Site Security

Construction site security is unique. The presence of expensive equipment, hazardous materials, and unsecured buildings can be attractive targets to thieves, vandals, and other lawbreakers. DOA professionals will keep you updated on potential hazards and security risks by monitoring access to the properties of your contractors and subcontractors.

Office Building Security

DOA takes the necessary steps to ensure crime prevention and safety. Our physical protective services promote peace of mind at your office building with a constant security presence.

Hotel Concierge

Hotel and hospitality security works best when it features a balance between protection and customer service. Guests want to feel welcome, and at home, but also safe from harm and theft when staying at your property. DOA professional hotel security guards are uniquely prepared to help you protect your patrons and property.

I.T. Security Infrastructure and Physical Security for Technological Facilities

Industrial and technological facilities pose unique security challenges like preventing equipment and material loss, as well as restricting access to authorized personnel. DOA security guards ensure the security of both physical and intellectual properties by preventing industrial espionage, and helping maintain production schedules.

Quality Assurance

DOA experience provides the resources and personnel required to ensure the safety and security of properties throughout the region.

Whatever your organization requires, our focus on client relations and feedback helps maintain the highest standard of quality service.